Meet our horses



Rambo is a Rocky Mountain horse who loves to ride! He is a people pleaser! His special skills include looking cute and laying his ears flat out to the side.  



Sultan is our sweet resident old man. He enjoys mostly riding small adults or children. His favorite hobbies are eating snacks and getting kisses from little ones!!

Cocoa Pony


Cocoa Pony is an Icelandic Pony who loves to keep up with the big boys on the mountain and do pony rides in the driveway. His hobbies include finding cookies where ever they hide and showing the big kids that little guys can be tough too!

Baby Girl


Baby Girl or Sweet Baby G is a Tennessee Walker who loves spending time on the mountain with her friends. Although she enjoys laid back walking rides, she also loves to play on the mountain when she is asked to do so. 



Ramos is handsome and he knows it! Ramos is a Rocky Mountain horse that is a former show horse. While he enjoys taking in the scenery, he is also more than happy to strut his stuff if he is asked to do so. 



Cooper is a smaller gaited horse with lots of spunk! Although he's an older guy, he can definitely keep up with the younger boys. Cooper is great with older children and never says no to some cookies or kisses at the end of a ride. 



Traveler (the white horse in the photo above) is our resident gentle giant!  Kids and adults alike fall in love the moment they sit in his saddle! Traveler is a very caring steady horse that loves to take care of people to ensure they have a great time. 

*Pictured with best friend, Ramos. 



Don't let the name fool you, I'm as gentle and as easy going as they come!  Slow and easy wins the race is my motto, although I enjoy a nice jog to keep pace with the gaited horses. Also...cookies are my favorite if you're trying to win my favor. 



My name is Scout and I am the best pony, neigh the best horse on property! My whole job is to teach little kids how to talk to a horse, teach little kids how to ride., and be adorable....I'm very good at my job. My affection can be won with cookies and snuggles...I do expect tribute! I've been told I'm a bit times. Come by to see me even if you're not a little one. 

* mom allowed me to write my own bio. 

Little Chief


Little Chief is a former rescue horse that has come a long way. He's an immediate favorite among children with his gentle nature and playful spirit. I'm a great caregiver for any one who crosses my path. 

Target and Leo


Target and Leo are our strong dependable wagon horses!! They work as a team to provide a safe and fun wagon experience for the whole family!